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Wound Care Nurse

Any nurse who specializes in assessment, cure and avoidance of different kinds of injuries is known as a “Wound Care Nurse”. They are more concerned with the healing processes of their patients’ wounds and injuries. Individuals can become wound care nurses by completing a nursing certification but those who want to earn more and enjoy better employments go for higher certifications from esteemed and specialized institutions. A good and efficient wound care nurse should have excellent judgment, documentation, conversational and interpersonal skills. An experienced nurse always knows the difference between a chronic and acute wound.

• Required Level of Education for Wound Care Nurse:

It is not an easy task to become a wound care nurse. It takes hard-work, strong determination and a lot of struggle to stand amongst the qualified and successful wound care nurses. It usually takes four years time period to complete the bachelor program to related to nursing, so as to become a registered nurse. Additionally many nurses also opt for higher education and certifications to enjoy better professional opportunities.

• Salaries and Career Prospects for Wound Care Nurse:

Nowadays there are countless individuals who are exposed to numerous kinds of injuries. In such scenario the role of a wound care nurse is very essential. According to a detailed survey there are many students who are enrolling themselves in wound care nurse programs and certifications. In United States of America the salary of a wound care nurse, who has completed bachelors, varies from $48,000 to $55,000/- per year. Those nurses who chose to acquire higher qualification and certification from reputed institutes can easily earn from $70,000 – $88,000/-. (The salaries may vary on the basis of location, clinics, hospitals, level of experience and education backgrounds). Moreover, these nurses are also provided with perks that include food and travelling expenses etc.

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