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Registered nurse education requirements


Who is a registered nurse?

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Majority of the working staff in any health care facility consist of registered nurses (RN). They are senior to the licensed practical nurses (LPN) and nursing assistants. They are responsible for assigning tasks and duties to the nursing assistants and LPNs in the hospitals. The job of registered nurses is challenging and often requires long working shifts. RNs have to work in on-call hours, weekends, public holidays and most of the evenings and nights. They experience different medical settings and treat various medical conditions. Registered nurses are paid well. RNs can have a hard and demanding job depending upon their expertise, experience and work environment.


Pre-requisites of become registered nurse (RN)

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For those individuals who want to become registered nurses, registered nurse requirements make it necessary to complete their high school with a grade average of 2.0. The second requirement for becoming a RN is to complete one of the following three programs from any nursing school:

• Nursing diploma
• Associate degree program in nursing
• Bachelors of Science in nursing

Most of the registered nurses complete the associate program in nursing. It takes about 2 years to complete this associate program. The biggest benefit of completing an associate program is that once you have completed the program you can get an entry level job in any health care facility which will ensure that you get several benefits associated with the job. Two major benefits of getting an entry level job in a health care facility include college credits for two year bachelors of science in nursing degree and tuition reimbursement. Getting job this early also ensures that nurses get hands-on experience at junior level positions and understand the workings of a hospital or any other healthcare facility. Registered nurses requirements also include working in various clinical settings before entering the license exam.

After the completion of the degree program, national licensing examination NCLEX-RN has to be taken as part of the registered nurse requirements. Once this exam is passed, a registered nurse is eligible to work in any health care facility. The requirement for passing the NCLEX-RN varies from state to state.


Courses required for becoming registered nurse (RN)

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Some of the courses required for the completion of associate or degree program for becoming a RN include the following:

• Nursing management
• Leadership
• Nursing pharmacology
• Clinical nursing
• Basic and advance nursing skills
• Common concepts of adult health
• Anatomy and physiology
• Communication, ethical and legal issues in nursing

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