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Nursing Schools and Colleges in Arkansas

People who have visited Arkansas can vouch for the fact the place is correctly called the Natural state as it is simply a haven of natural beauty. People who have never been to Arkansas are definitely missing out this beautiful spot. From the beautiful Ozark Mountains to the breath taking Arkansas River valley, every place is picturesque and adds loveliness to the state. The place is like a well polished precious gem; beautiful and stunning in its clarity. What makes life more worth living in this city is the low cost of living.

It is also a good state for individuals who want to start their career in the medical industry by becoming nurses. There was a difference of 3000 vacancies between the demand for nurses and the people employed in Arkansas in the year 2008. It is also anticipated that the demand for nurses who work in the home health care and also in the nursing homes will increase at an amazing rate in the coming 20 years. There is a huge demand for geriatric nurses in the state which is also expected to grow with time as retirees love to spend the last years of their lives in the peaceful wilderness of this place.

Nurses in the outpatient clinics, nursing homes and home health care agencies can also have excellent working opportunities in this state. Hot springs, Fayetteville and Little Rock have more working opportunities for nurses as these are densely populated areas. Among the biggest employers of Nurses are Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Triad Hospital and Baptist health.

The hourly mean wage of nurses in Arkansas is approximately 27.5 dollars, whereas in a year a nurse can easily earn up to 57,000/- dollars more or less. Currently there are over 23,000 nurses working in this particular state and the need of nurses will definitely increase with the passage of time.

  • Registered Nurses: 23,550

  • LPN / LVN Employment: 12,190

  • Hourly Wage: $27.40

  • Hourly Wage: $16.79

  • Yearly Wage: $56,990

  • Yearly Wage: $34,920

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