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Nursing Schools and Colleges in California

California is the most populous state of U.S. the state has some of the most picturesque and striking natural beauty spots. Life in California is definitely expensive, especially for the people living in big cities like Sand Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Those cities are the hub of music, food, nightlife, fraternization, and have the most extensive shopping arenas.

California is a thriving state for individuals who want to pursue nursing as career. Although the shortage of nurses is not as acute as in the rest of the United States, but demand for registered nurses is rising at an accelerating rate. California offers the highest median salary per annum for nurses through Unites States. There is claimed to be 7% of jobs for nurses vacant in the hospitals of California which sum up to 233,030 employment vacancies. As the population of the state continues to grow, the demand for nurses has increased as well. The need for nurses is greatest around the densely populated cities and suburbs of California like the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. The annual median salary for nurses in California is about $85,080 and the median hourly wage is $40.90. More experienced nurses with advance certifications and trainings earn a higher salary and hourly wage rate.

The most affluent and well-known nurse employers of California include; Catholic Healthcare West, Kaiser Permanente, and the University of California’s Health System. Individuals who are interested in pursuing career as registered nurses can get information related to the license for working in the state from the Board of Registered Nursing, California. There are many well known accredited nursing schools throughout California. States nurses are represented by The California Nurses Association, which aim to keep the nurses updated with the relevant issues.

  • Registered Nurses: 250,230

  • LPN / LVN Employment: 64,460

  • Hourly Wage: $43.68

  • Hourly Wage: $24.58

  • Yearly Wage: $90,860

  • Yearly Wage: $51,130

California Nursing Career Facts

california Nursing News

Apr 14, 2015

Despite the numerical superiority and the better quality of care that women in the nursing field are all too accustomed to, when it comes to pay, a study has found and published in Journal of the American Medical Association that women are being discriminated against.     On average, men take $5,000 more home than Read more…

Jan 30, 2015

The Doctors Hospital of Manteca is now offering to the senior citizens – a special “niche” care. The nurses involved give over 65% more special care to the patients. Also, new rounds have been planned and scheduled that revolve specifically around the elderly patients healthcare.   The facility observed that 75 percent of their hospital Read more…

Dec 30, 2014

  One of the biggest fears for one’s parents or for us is that like the rest of the elderly residents we might end up in any nursing home or left drugged into darkness, feeling helpless and lonely. This fear is totally practical because this is what the trend shows us. Nearly 300,000 nursing home Read more…

Oct 20, 2014

  According to a recent survey conducted by National Nurses United (NNU), it is recorded that 80% of the registered nurses in California are not properly informed about any policy regarding the Ebola patients. The survey is still going on with the same responses from over 700 registered nurses from 250 hospitals across 31 states. Read more…

Sep 24, 2014

Frances Patmon, a nurse at Mercy Hospital of Folsom, successfully completes her Doctorate of Nursing Science and Health-Care Leadership. Patmon had obtained her undergraduate degree in psychology and nursing previously and had her Master’s degree in Science of Nursing. A Doctorate only seems to have added yet another feather in Patmon’s hat and made the Read more…