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Nursing Schools and Colleges in Florida

Florida also commonly known as the hub of paradise for tourists has great entertainment value. Since the state is so well connected with the ocean ad several lakes, the climate is mostly humid and subtropical. The perfect weather along with long stretched beaches invite millions of tourists to Florida every year, tourism is one of the major stakes in the economy of the state. The Walt Disney world resort is one of the major attractions of the state. With four theme parks, Walt Disney holiday resort makes the state the most popular state in America. What puts a black dot on the reputation of the state is its high rate of unemployment.

Despite the unemployment rate increasing every day, the state is still a great place for pursuing career in nursing. As the shortfall of nurses faced by the other states of America has also affected Florida. Health care is still a field where job opportunities are still available and due to the shortage of nurses, the career in this state can be really rewarding. There are 150,940 employment opportunities for nurses in Florida. The annual salary offered to the nurses in the state of Florida is $65,270 and the median hourly wage is about $29.94. The salary increases with the increase in experienced and expertise.

St. Petersburg, Tampa, Miami and Jacksonville are the major cities where there are more opportunities for employment. Jackson health care system in South Florida, Sacred heart health system and the memorial health system are some of the well-known employers in Florida. Florida health department can give complete details on the requirement for acquiring nursing license in Florida. Florida nurses association is the official representative for the nurses of Florida and it works for extracting more opportunities for nurses in Florida and also for increasing the expertise of the nurses by providing information related to the most recent researches made.

  • Registered Nurses: 164,80

  • LPN / LVN Employment: 42,710

  • Hourly Wage: $30.78

  • Hourly Wage: $19.60

  • Yearly Wage: $64,020

  • Yearly Wage: $40,770

florida Nursing News

Nov 06, 2014

  Nursing homes in Florida captures images of two accused certified nursing assistants who are now facing criminal charges for abusing the patient. Yashika Zenobiaha Jones, 28, and Rose Dorlean Blaise, 35, are accused of threatening and assaulting an elderly resident suffering from the disease of Alzheimer. This was noticed on at least three different Read more…

Jul 12, 2013

A transgender nursing student has complained against threats of charges and expulsion from course for the sole reason of using the female restroom.   Alex Wilson, a certified nursing assistant, has been forced to stop using the women’s bathroom at Pinellas Technical Education Center in Clearwater, Florida. Instead, she has been ordered to use the Read more…

Jun 18, 2013

Cassy Scribner poses for a photo while in nursing school. (Source: The New Herald) Nursing field has produced several inspirational characters throughout history. Some of them made it big; others were recognized on a small scale. But the fact of the matter is that nurses are real- life heroes who save and nurture lives on Read more…

Apr 16, 2013

Only seven weeks ago, a healthy 21-year-old Florida nursing student Blake Lynch went to donate blood for his friend who has sickle cell anemia. He was turned away; however, because he is gay.   In a country where blood transfusion is needed every 2 seconds and only 10% of donors are available, it is a Read more…