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Nursing Schools and Colleges in Hawaii

The beautiful tropical weather, active volcanoes, natural scenery and the long stretched beaches make Hawaii, the perfect holiday spot. Hawaii also attracts hundreds of biologists, volcanologists and surfers. Due to the attraction that Hawaii gets because of being a tourist spot, the cost of living in this state is really high and though living here means spending a lot more on the necessities of life. The state of Hawaii consists of hundreds of small islands. But Hawaii is a good place to start nursing career, as there is an acute shortage of well trained and qualified nurses in the state.

The state does not have a very high unemployment rate. In fact the unemployment rate borders on 6% where as the rest of the America has about 10 to 12% unemployment rate which in comparison to Hawaii are double. There are about 8,900 employment opportunities for nurses throughout Hawaii. The median wages paid are $38.47 per hour and the annual median salary is $80,000. The nurses can get jobs in the clinics, hospitals, old age homes, skilled nursing facilities and trauma units. To be successful in nursing it is essential that nurses are trained to work hard and for long hours, as this is a really tedious job.

The densely populated areas of Hawaii including Honolulu have the most demand for nurses. Queen’s health system, the kuakini health system, Hawaii’s St. Francis health care system and Hawaii pacific health care facility are the known employers in Hawaii. To get information related to licensure requirements in Hawaii, nurses can contact the Hawaii Board of Nursing. Hawaii Nurses Association helps and guides nurses through their official website where they keep the nurses updated with the latest developments in medicine and other issues related to nurses working in Hawaii. Hawaii Student Nurses Association helps the students who are pursuing nursing career in Hawaii.

  • Registered Nurses: 10,210

  • LPN / LVN Employment: 1,250

  • Hourly Wage: $40.36

  • Hourly Wage: $21.25

  • Yearly Wage: $83,950

  • Yearly Wage: $44,200