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Nursing Schools and Colleges in Illinois

Typically noted as a microcosm of the country, Illinois is the 5th most heavily populated and the 25th most expensive state among the 50 states of America. With the mention of cities of Illinois, the image that immediately pops into a person’s mind is of the vivacious metropolitan city of Chicago which is the third most populous city in United States. Many noble names and famous events are a part of the very rich and colorful history of Illinois. The state has a great agricultural productivity and is a major transportation hub.

Though the unemployment rate of Illinois is a little higher than the national average, the healthcare profession still has a high demand for nurses and hospitals and clinics are willing to hire trained and skilled nurses. The shortage of nurses in this state is a chronic problem and the healthcare centers are working hard to address the problem and employ more and more professional qualified nurses. Due to this obstinate shortage of nurses in clinics and hospitals, the Job opportunities that the heartland of America has to offer in the field of nursing have attracted people from all across the country.

Illinois is a great place for a new registered nurse job seeker. The to-be nurses have many options open to them especially in the Midwestern small towns as well as in the big city of Chicago. Many good nursing jobs can be found in and around Chicago. The Illinois Nurses Association represents the nurses of Illinois. Advocate Healthcare, The Centegra Health System, the Swedish American Health System and the Loyola University hospital are the most established and efficient employers that are willing to hire registered nurses. The hourly mean wage being offered to the registered nurses is up to $31.46 and the annual mean wage is up to 65,440. For the information about state licensure can be received from the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation.

  • Registered Nurses: 123,770

  • LPN / LVN Employment: 23,390

  • Hourly Wage: $32.31

  • Hourly Wage: $20.05

  • Yearly Wage: $67,190

  • Yearly Wage: $41,700

illinois Nursing News

Mar 12, 2015

  Uber’s immense popularity gave birth to numerous startups in different on-demand fields. One of Uber’s new startup is the Chicago based Go2Nurse app, that helps people get professional healthcare at their doorstep. Go2Nurse is designed for those individuals who seek immediate healthcare access.   Edward Ben-Alec, a co-founder behind Go2Nurse, recently said that it Read more…