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Nursing Schools and Colleges in Indiana

The state of Indiana, situated in the Midwestern region of America, is the 15th most populous state and is the 28th largest geographically. It is famously known as the Crossroads of America as the state various transportation routes passes through it which makes it important for the commercial activities. Indianapolis is the most renowned city of Indiana. Indiana is home of Brickyard 400 and Indianapolis 500. Indiana is located in the Corn Belt which makes agricultural the leading activity in a large portion of the state.

The very recent economic crisis hit Indiana hard which has increased the unemployment rate in this state. This has affected all fields a lot; especially it has a great impact on the healthcare industry. Most people are well aware of the pressing issue of national nursing shortage in America. The reason for this is the shortage of skilled and registered nurses which has been a huge problem for the healthcare system of America. It is a common knowledge that there United States is dealing with a very pressing issue of shortage of nurses. The employment rate is 57,880 which are very low when you compare the supply and the demand.

The unregistered nurses can get all the information they need about licensure from Indiana State Board of Nursing or through Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. The qualified nurses who are seeking jobs must know that the clinics, hospitals, home healthcare centers and skilled nursing facilities of Indiana are willing to hire a large number of nurses. The employers like Clarion Health, St. John’s Health System which is the part of St. Vincent Health, and the community Healthcare System are appointing registered trained nurses. The hourly and annual mean wages are fairly nice. The hourly mean wage is $27.84 and the annual mean wage is $57,910. The Indiana State Nurses Association is the representative organization of nurses of Indiana.

  • Registered Nurses: 61,150

  • LPN / LVN Employment: 20,500

  • Hourly Wage: $28.08

  • Hourly Wage: $18.71

  • Yearly Wage: $58,410

  • Yearly Wage: $38,910

indiana Nursing News

Dec 15, 2014

  Music and Memory: A new program called by the students from a university in Indiana who are working voluntarily at a nursing home in Muncie and trying to make a difference in the lives of Hoosiers who have trouble in remembering.    A sophomore volunteer Tyler Sparkman states that, “We are trying to bring Read more…