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Nursing Schools and Colleges in Iowa

Iowa is located in the part of United States which is usually called American heart land. Iowa is also known as the Food capital of the world. It is an interesting place to start your nursing career. The unemployment rate in Iowa is the lowest in United States which is hovering a little lower than 7%. In a nation which has been severely hit by recession, millions of people are jobless, this low unemployment rate is a positive change. What makes this state even more livable is that it is considered as the safest state to live. The state also has a low cost of living which is really beneficial for individuals who are just starting their career as they can get by with their pay check and afford advanced education as well.

The median salary of nurses working in hospitals and clinics of Iowa is $51,930 per annum and the median hourly wages are about $24.97. The state has about 30,750 job opportunities for nurses, which is amazing. With shortage of qualified nurses, the opportunities are many. But the nursing schools also have a shortage of faculty which makes it difficult to get advanced education in the field of nursing.

Some of the famous employers of Iowa include Mercy Medical Center Des Moines, Iowa Heal Care center and University of Iowa hospitals and Clinics. The jobs for nurses are most centered in the major cities of Iowa or the areas around them like in Sioux City, Davenport, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines. Complete information relating to the acquiring licensure in Iowa can be obtained from the Iowa Board of nursing. For those nurses who want to stay updated to the latest developments in their field, the Iowa Nurse Association has a website that provides complete information about nursing. RNs can even connect with one another through his website.

  • Registered Nurses: 33,230

  • LPN / LVN Employment: 7,200

  • Hourly Wage: $25.62

  • Hourly Wage: $17.70

  • Yearly Wage: $53,300

  • Yearly Wage: $36,820

iowa Nursing News

Nov 14, 2014

  Many students don’t bring any crown or sash especially when they are nursing students. Marissa Messinger, 18, is far from typical because, unlike other students, she brought the crown of 2014 Princess of America Ambassador.   Princess of America Ambassador is an ambassador title that is awarded to those girls who have done something Read more…

Aug 13, 2014

Named as one of Iowa’s top 100 nurses, Donita Balek, 56, fights bravely against encephalitis. She was a pediatric nurse at Mercy Home Care, Rockwell, until she fell ill with constant fever, nausea and headache. She got admitted in the Mercy Medical Center located at North Iowa where she was diagnosed with the viral disease Read more…