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Nursing Schools and Colleges in Maine

Maine is one of the most beautiful states with perfect coastline and attractive scenery caused by the lighthouses. Maine is known for its scenery. Maine is also very well-known for its sea food, specially the clams and lobsters. Heavily forested with low mountains and rocky coastline, the state is perfect to launch nursing career. The median salary paid to nurses in Maine is far better than what is paid in other states. The pay check also goes along way here, as the cost of living is comparatively low in the state. Maine also has a low unemployment rate than the rest of the states of United States of America which is great for the job seekers. There are about 14,410 job opportunities for nurses in Maine.

The median salary paid to qualified nurses in Maine is $65,240 per annum and the median hourly wages paid are $31.37. The shortage for nurses is not as pronounced in the state but the demand is high. Everyday new health care facilities are opening up to facilitate people in the times of sickness and injuries. Qualified nurses will find employment in doctor’s clinics, hospitals, nursing care facilities and home health care agencies in Maine. Qualified nurses are hired immediately. The job of nurses is tough, so they are compensated well. Most of the nursing jobs in Maine can be found in the main cities or the suburbs surrounding them like Bangor, Lewiston and Portland.

Some of the known employers who hire nurses in Maine include Mercy Medical/health system, Maine medical center, Maine general health and Eastern Maine healthcare system. For those individuals who want to become nurses and want to get license for working in Maine, should get the detailed information from Maine State Board of Nursing. The official website for American Nurses Association provides updates related to nursing field and helps the nurses in getting touch with one another.

  • Registered Nurses: 14,810

  • LPN / LVN Employment: 1,600

  • Hourly Wage: $31.78

  • Hourly Wage: $19.01

  • Yearly Wage: $66,100

  • Yearly Wage: $39,540

maine Nursing News

Aug 06, 2013

  Registered nurses along with retail salespeople have the highest demand in Maine State, according to a study released by Maine Development Foundation, on July 24, based on recent online job postings.   This will be the first regular report on job trends in the state which reveals a data collected between January to June Read more…