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Nursing Schools and Colleges in Maryland

One of the places to live a peaceful life and to pursue nursing career is Maryland. Nurses working in Maryland are highly paid. The median salary paid to a nurse is about $76,330 per annum which is far better than what is being paid in other states. The median hourly wages are $36.70. The unemployment rate in Maryland is also low as compared to the nation. The state offers 51,620 job opportunities for nurses to working the state. The state also has a great demand for qualified nurses in the state. According to Maryland hospital association, the vacancy rate for nurses hovers a little above 13% in the state of Maryland. Maryland is also called as the Free State and the Chesapeake Bay State because of the Chesapeake Bay which almost bisects the state. The bay is very prominent in the geography of Maryland.

Most of the nursing jobs in Maryland are centered on the more populated cities and its surrounding suburbs like Silver Spring, German town, Baltimore, Waldorf and Columbia. Qualified nurses can work in different setting like in the physician’s office and private clinics, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, hospitals and nursing care facilities. Some of the known employers for nurses in Maryland include Adventist healthcare, St. Agnes health care, the Shore health system, and John Hopkins Hospital and health system Corp and university of Maryland medical system.

John Hopkins hospital and health system corp. has been consistently named as a highly ranked hospital throughout United States for several years. Nurses who want to acquire information related to license requirements in the state should contact the Maryland board of nursing from where they will get the detailed information. Nurses Association of Maryland has been working professionally for making the work environment better for the nurses working Maryland.

  • Registered Nurses: 49,620

  • LPN / LVN Employment: 11,910

  • Hourly Wage: $36.29

  • Hourly Wage: $24.14

  • Yearly Wage: $50,210

  • Yearly Wage: $50,210

maryland Nursing News

Jun 02, 2015

  A statewide Maryland residency program is assisting first-year nurses gain confidence and improve their skills.   The yearlong Maryland Nurse Residency Collaborative “helps me to self-reflect, [and] helps me realize where I started, how I’ve improved, what I can continue to work on, and what my accomplishments have been,” said Scilipoti, one of 1,200 Read more…

Feb 25, 2013

Certified Nurse-Midwife Mary Martin, M.S.N. earned her graduation in December 2012, carrying a deep enthusiasm for working with multicultural patient populations. This lead to her becoming the first ever Vanderbilt School of Nursing graduate with a Certificate in Global Health. Mary Martin, M.S.N.   “The Global Health Certificate opened my eyes to many ways to Read more…