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Nursing Schools and Colleges in Montana

One of the most scenic western states in the United States, Montana is, undoubtedly, The Treasure State of America. It has various nicknames and slogans that highlight the image of this state; such as, the Big Sky Country, Land of the Shining Mountains, and ultimately The Last Best Place. It hosts three of the five entrances to the Yellowstone National Park; a park that comprises of beautiful lakes, mountain ranges, rivers, and canyons. The serene life of Montana offers great economic progress in the fields of beer productions, tourism, mining, agriculture, ranching, and healthcare. The low density of population ensures that the employment prospects are bright for everyone.

In Montana registered Nurses are in demand because of multiple hospitals, clinics and health care centers. There are only 2 colleges for nursing programs across Montana offering various programs such as Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Gradually the salaries offered are expected to rise up to $46,313 and reach the benchmark which is $66,162 which indicates the potential of professional growth in Montana. A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Crna can make up the most money in the state while Psychiatric and Operating room nurses are the other notable nursing categories.

The Montana State Board of Nursing should be contacted for all the licensing and legal procedure.

  • Registered Nurses: 8,700

  • LPN / LVN Employment: 2,650

  • Hourly Wage: $28.94

  • Hourly Wage: $17.39

  • Yearly Wage: $60,190

  • Yearly Wage: $36,160