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Nursing Schools and Colleges in Vermont

Vermont is the only New England State which doesn’t touch the Atlantic Ocean. The famous Green Mountains of Vermont are the reason why it’s nicknamed The Green Mountain State. Used as hiking trails during summers and for skiing in winters, these mountains attract a multitude of visitors each year. The State is situated in the North East of the United States. Its scenic beauty is the perfect gateway for those weary of the hustle and bustle of the ultra-urban lifestyle, to enjoy peace and serenity which only a place like Vermont can offer. Being the second on the list of least populated states surely saves the Vermonters from the horrible rush hour traffic. However, the state is also home to America’s most beloved ice cream Ben & Jerry’s headquarters. Other big industries contributing to its economic progress are of milk production, agriculture, and manufacturing. IBM happens to be Vermont’s biggest employer. Yet the healthcare industry isn’t far behind.

In Vermont registered Nurses are in demand because of the multiple hospitals, clinics and health care centers. There are various colleges for nursing programs across Vermont offering programs such as a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Gradually the salaries offered are expected to raise up to $70,836 and reach the benchmark which is $83,337 which indicates the potential of professional growth in Vermont.

The Vermont State board of Nursing manages the information on the registered nurses in the state and has a strict set of rules and disciplinary guidelines for all the nurses to act upon.

  • Registered Nurses: 6,370

  • LPN / LVN Employment: 1,400

  • Hourly Wage: $31.35

  • Hourly Wage: $20.45

  • Yearly Wage: $65,210

  • Yearly Wage: $42,540