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What to do after Nursing School?

Nurse Graduate


It’s the feeling you get after completing a particularly absorbing book, or an immensely interesting TV series…..emptiness. The same feeling is present when you have when you have just graduated from Nursing School. After months of studying and cramming, your body and brain now have to adjust to your new routine. Your first instinct after graduating from nursing school is probably to party like you’ve won a very long race. Of course, you have, and you should really consider partying as part of your welcome back to the real world. However, you should also attend to some things that are going to get you ready for your career. There is no time like the present to get ready for the next stage in the journey.


The next step:


The immediate few months after graduating can be very crucial indeed. It’s important to keep these points in mind.


• Register for your NCLEX


You should consider taking your NCLEX as soon as possible after graduating. This way, everything will be fresh in your mind, you will get it out of the way, and you will be more employable as a full-fledged nurse. NCLEX should be coming up soon, and you need to figure out a game plan for how you are going to cover your bases and hit on everything you’ve learned. Get an overview book and do as many practice questions as you can to prepare for the test of your life.


• Consider getting a master’s degree


It’s never too early to think about the future. Experts say that fresh Nursing graduates should look for things to make themselves different from other possible prospects. Consider all the options available, including the different types of fields you can specialize in. Additionally, do considerable research about the expected salaries of different specializations and how much it would cost you financially.


Prepare your résumé:


Nothing sets you apart from your competition than a good résumé. You’re going to need a resume to send out to people who are going to hire you, and it has probably been a long time since you updated it last. Now you can include nursing school, any volunteer work you’ve done, and any work as a CNA in a facility. Have an expert review your résumé and make sure it stays current. It is easy to lose track of all of the great things you are doing! Don’t sell yourself short and also don’t overstate your abilities and skills.


Ensure your employment:


Employers are very specific in who they choose, in order to be a potential employee you should consider these factors.


• Make a list of potential employers


You need to know who in your area is looking for nurses and who could potentially look for nurses. Very simply, make a list of all potential places that you can submit your resume when you are ready. Also go around talking to your Professors to see if they can pull any favors and get you an interview.


• Dress for success


Despite what some people might say, appearances matter. Get a proper interview outfit. It is important to look your best when you go on interviews for nursing jobs. You should have something that is business appropriate, fits well, and makes a good impression on HR and nurse managers alike.


• Look up Interview questions


Another important aspect of interviews is to learn interview questions and the best answers to them. Several books focus on these questions and help you find the best way to answer them, and you should take some time to think about this aspect of job hunting. This can really help you get selected in a Nursing Interview


Take a well-deserved break:


It’s important to remember that frequent breaks are important to keep up the level of productivity and after completing Nursing School it’s important to take a break.


Go on a vacation


• Go on a vacation


You deserve some time off to yourself. If you can afford it, get away for a vacation, but if not, a simple break is just as good and can help you remember what it is like not to be a student.  There is something to be said about stepping away from all things nursing and focusing on yourself. Go outside and get some Vitamin D. Start yoga or another healthy exercise habit that will help you rejuvenate yourself. Eat healthy and detox your body from the year of stress you have had. Start working on building healthy habits for this coming year that you can sustain.


• Reconnect with Friends and Family


Your friends and family have always supported you all through nursing school, and it would be really great to see them again, get to know them again, and celebrate your connection. Don’t be so distracted by NCLEX that you forget those you love and not take the time to enjoy those important to you. We are social creatures and nursing school sometimes has a way of stealing that from us. Remind your family that you are still around and spend some quality time with friends. It may be a while before they see you again come fall!


The final word:


It’s important to keep track of time. The months immediately after graduation can be immensely important, so make sure you don’t squander them. Come up with an appropriate routine, giving priority to your employment and further studies but make sure to keep a few hours aside for relaxation and fun.

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